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  • Our focus is to encourage a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which people can grow; one player at a time. All donations and shop earnings are non-profit, in an effort to give back to all of the lovely souls in our community. With these finances, we instead fund giveaways, donate to help organizations and pay for the server bills.

    Founded in 2007, Gerbil Mountain has its roots in Real-Life Roleplay. From there, it grew slowly but surely before it exploded a few years back with its Prop Hunt servers. In late 2017, we realized that we needed a sabbatical to ensure the survival of the community as a whole. Our focus was different back then and we needed this time to bring it back. As such, servers were shut down; people became inactive and the forum was left dormant.

    But the most loyal of players never gave up; and here we are today, standing on the precipice of a new tomorrow for GM. With lessons learned, a fresh forum, more experience and a different direction; we hope to bring the community that you hold so dear back to its former glory.

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