i am a pathetic human being that would choose rather not exist

my "friends" know me as "Lauwra" / "Terezi" "/ Flowey" and so ooooon

uhhhhhhhhh i dont enjoy anything pretty much and im always really bored

also i dont like voice chat so stay away with talking text is better anyway

former staff person


"Your bush might be small but its neat" -Cort 2018
"oh hey it's my favourite youtuber will smith" -Cr1TiKaL/Penguinz0
"watched an anime that a friend suggested me this night and I cried like a baby meanwhile, has exam oh well" -Cort 2019
">sees working buzzsaw >wonders if it kills me >it kills me" -Cort 2019
"Why did i draw that swatiska mirrored" -Cort 2019




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