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So, every now and then we have had some lag issues on the TTT; but I have now made quite a few changes that appear to have improved performance and therefore also made it lag a lot less. My base ping has dropped by more than 10 (it was already very low) and everyone is getting lower pings across the board, with no rubberbanding.

Thanks to everyone who helped me test it earlier!

Join in on the fun! :)
Hi there guys/gals!
I know a lot of you have had problems every now and then with the black navbar getting stuck at the top when you join our servers and being forced to rejoin because of it.

I believe I have pinpointed the issue (it was due to a function that was disabled in the config being called anyhow) and fixed it.

Please let me know if you get any such issue in the future when you join our servers :)

Take care!

Some neat music for you to enjoy
Hi there guys/gals!
This is a general changelog of the latest changes on all servers.

  • Added a few more playermodels to TTT (no more will be added though)
  • Added the following playermodels to all other servers: Octodad, Jon Snow
  • Replaced the skeleton and stick guy playermodel on Hide & Seek with new playermodels that should still satisfy the people who used them, yet also satisfy the people who had concerns about them (being hard to see and such)
  • Added more maps to TTT
  • Fixed some lua errors on TTT related to the flashlight (server lag issue should now be fixed as a result)
Next in the pipeline
  • Hide & Seek sidebar menu fix
  • Dozens of new taunts for Prop Hunt
  • New HUD, team selection screen and scoreboard for Prop Hunt
  • New HUD for Hide & Seek
Why hello there ;)
How you doin'?

Got any fun GMOD screenies to share?
Hey everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that all the models that had issues with weapons being at their feet have now been replaced with working ones.
In some instances, the models were replaced with a different characters.

You should now get more content for less mb.
And no more guns at the feet!

On top of that, the rail cannon now reloads faster and has a good reload animation + sound.
Also, the halo energy blade should now always kill on hit :)

Enjoy! ^^