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Eden Prime is a community I recently formed that has a different focus than Gerbil Mountain has.
Gerbil Mountain is more about creating a good atmosphere for everyone for free (as you can earn everything you can donate for), no pay2win and such; which sadly results in not too many donations. Eden Prime however has a different focus. The goal is to be able to pay for GM and Eden Prime with the donations that come into Eden Prime.

One might ask, why not just change GM?
Well, I always wanted to keep Pay2Win and such things out of GM.
And whilst we will use money coming from there, the community itself and its servers will never have those things.
This is merely to give us the funds to get more servers and to keep them up :)

The focus on Eden Prime is to provide the best possible experience with as little required downloads as possible.
The current server content is around 60mb for the content itself and 40 for the map.

From a fresh setup I join within 15 seconds ;)

You can check it out here:
Starwars: Deathmatch loading screen
This has been a major issue for quite some time, and not even the authors of the pointshop have been able to supply me with a fix. But I finally sat down for the 1020120120102th time and tried something entirely new, and now we have played 20 rounds with no issues at all!

Enjoy :D

Basically, the issue manifested itself as floating hats, pets and such on props which made them easier to find.
It's been a while..
But I am back to developing again for our servers!
Starting with a long awaited fix, the smeared screen effect people get on certain maps when they spawn as hunters. It disappears as soon as they spawn, but it almost looks like the game has crashed and has because of that been seen as a major annoyance.

Fear not, as a fix was implemented today [​IMG]:)

Another change is that I disabled the microphone icons above players, and enabled alltalk. Now you can really tease the hunters as a prob, or reenact a horror movie as a hunter.

Wish to have anything changed or to report a bug?

You can do that on the forum in the navbar [​IMG]:)

Hope to see you around! [​IMG]:)
Nice to see so much activity (yesterday the servers were almost full for the first time in some time).
Anyone here excited for Battlefield 1? I know I sure am!
Hit me up on Origin if you want to game a bit this weekend.

Think you can top my download speed? ^^
Some of you may have noticed that we have shut down Prop Hunt #2.
This is simply so we have the space to expand into new games.

Have no fear, we will still keep our most popular Garry's Mod servers around.
This is simply another chapter in the story of Gerbil Mountain :)

Hope to see you all around on the forums and in the discussions to help us decide what games to expand to.
If you have any ideas, please let us know in the comments here as well.

We are looking for as much input as possible here as to what we should expand into.

If you had something on PH2 that you are lacking on PH1; let us know and we will get you sorted.

Welcome to a new chapter of Gerbil Mountain!
We look forward to the future together with you all.