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Anyone here excited for Battlefield 1? I know I sure am!
Hit me up on Origin if you want to game a bit this weekend.

Think you can top my download speed? ^^
Some of you may have noticed that we have shut down Prop Hunt #2.
This is simply so we have the space to expand into new games.

Have no fear, we will still keep our most popular Garry's Mod servers around.
This is simply another chapter in the story of Gerbil Mountain :)

Hope to see you all around on the forums and in the discussions to help us decide what games to expand to.
If you have any ideas, please let us know in the comments here as well.

We are looking for as much input as possible here as to what we should expand into.

If you had something on PH2 that you are lacking on PH1; let us know and we will get you sorted.

Welcome to a new chapter of Gerbil Mountain!
We look forward to the future together with you all.
Need people to play The Culling with? Let us know here!
So, The Culling has started becoming quite the popular game (a lot of GM Peeps are playing it for instance).
If you want to be invited to games (privately hosted), just post here so we all know you are interested.

Look what he has become!
He sneezed...
Now his beard game is strong!
Nineinchcow: "Do you think this is some kind of game?!"
Join us now on Prop Hunt #1!