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You can now Get Vip, points, private taunts and more even cheaper from our store!
You get more than you did before, and we have opened up to new forms of payment (PaySafeCard etc).
Hi all!
I just wanted to let you know about the latest Prop Hunt changes.
*Set up proper team autobalancing
*Fixed an error where a round could begin even if there was not a player on each team.
*Fixed an issue with the weapon selection
*Added some new maps
*Added some fun playermodels (Kermit, Mr. Meeseeks, Papyrus, Rick)
*Added some new accessories (horse head, Guy Fawkes mask, Ghastly Zombie head)
*Added some new pets (pokémon)
I know you have all wanted this for a long time, and I finally made it happen!
You can now simply mute people through the Scoreboard :)
Hi there all!
Just wanted to let you know that we have now successfully moved on to Stop it Slender PXE (with customizations intact).

So you will still be able to enjoy our custom round timer, taunt menu and more!

I have also customized it a bit more (added extra sounds to the chaser etc), so I think you will have a new spooky experience :)

In regards to Prop Hunt, I have readjusted the prices and added some fun playermodels that I think you will all enjoy.
Hi there y'all!
Basically I have been experimenting a bit and I can happily say that it turned out quite well.
From now on, you can use your Attack button (usually the left mouse button) to launch yourself a fair distance.
Not however that you have to hold the button in for a few seconds, and there is a cooldown.
It also makes helluva noise!
*Prop rotation locking (Press R to enable this as a prop). This is quite extended compared to most servers, as you can rotate pretty much however you want on our server :)
*Toggleable clientside prop transparency (off by default). You will now be able to decide whether you want your prop to be transparent or not for yourself (so it is is easier to select stuff).

Coming next
*An entirely new ability for Props
*New team selection screen
*New scoreboard

Big thanks to Teddi for the assist ^^