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Thank you for choosing to help the community remain smooth as fuck

With your donation to Gerbil Mountain you help us secure the future of the community.

Believe it or not, but every single donation helps the community grow. Your donations help us pay the bills and save up for expansion. With enough donations we can also hand out games during events as prices. More fun for everyone!

On this donation page, you will find things such as private taunts, title cards, reserved slots, points for purchase, ts3 ranks, unqiue forum ranks and more.

The processes are mostly automatic and instant, but a few of them will require staff action. In those cases, either contact a staff member straight away or wait to be contacted by one.

Frequently asked questions

Can I donate using PayPal even if I don't have an account?

Yes! If you have a credit/debit card you can actually pay for the purchase on paypal by not logging in. Instead, you enter the card info manually below the login that you are taken to. That way, no account is created.

Can I donate without using PayPal whatsoever?

Yes, you may contact Myrrdin for more information. But basically you can purchase a steam code in a store and give him the code to redeem. The redeemed funds will then be used to pay for games to be handed out during events as rewards.

We are also in the proccess of setting up Paymentwall which would mean that you can donate using Paysafecard.

I donated but still haven't received my purchase, what should I do?

In most cases we will seek you out personally to assist you with the procedure should it be required (for a custom taunt or forum rank for instance). Should you find yourself in a hurry or if you feel you may have been forgotten, please create a ticket

I would like to make a suggestion on improvements to the store, who do I contact?

Contact support via the livechat and let us know what kind of improvements you want to see

Can I get a refund for my package if I no longer want it?

Generally, refunds are not a thing in these parts. You paid for a service and you received it fair and square. But depending on the circumstances we may make an exception. Please create a ticket and we may discuss it.